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Donna MacDonald

Mortgage Agent

I began my banking career more than 30 years ago and worked for four institutions in Canada and England. Seeing the opportunity to work for the client, I am thrilled to celebrate my rebranding as a self-employed mortgage agent with Mortgage Brokers Ottawa.

I am an advocate for my clients and while utilizing my extensive background in personal finance, I promote financial independence and success for individuals, couples, and families as it applies to mortgage needs.

I am passionate about small business, women in business, and the financial success of our young people.

I am currently the Chair of the Carleton Place and District Chamber of Commerce and am honoured to lead a strong Board in being the voice of business in the community. I work closely with many groups and organizations including the Town of Carleton Place, and The Women's Business Group. I thoroughly enjoy volunteering my time as a mentor for anyone with a new or existing business.

Donna MacDonald

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